Process Documentation

Are your processes lean and meet the requirements of the dynamic world?

  1. Process Documentation

What’s included in the Process Documentation Guide:

  • Is your process documentation a mess? (video)
  • What is process documentation?
  • The difference between process mapping and process documentation
  • Why you need process documentation
  • How to create process documentation
  • How to maintain process documentation

What is process documentation?

Generally, when people hear “Process Documentation,” they think about the narrower topic of “Process Mapping”. But really business process documentation includes any and all documents that go to support a process.  That might mean policies, checklists, tutorials, forms or even links to other applications.

Process documentation is a complete description of how to execute a given process. Here is the acid test. Can someone somebody, with a reasonable knowledge of your company, find and read the documentation and successfully execute an instance of the process? If so, you passed the test. You have some pretty good process documentation.

Why you need process documentation

There are at least three important roles for process documentation.

  • Process Improvement
  • Training
  • Reducing vulnerability to key employee process knowledge.
  1. Process Documentation

We know that mapping our processes will clarify where we need to make improvements. Achieving enthusiastic team cooperation in the process map creating process and creating effective workflow diagrams is proving a challenge.”

We at AAT will help you define your processes and allow you to document which will enable you to make them more effective and lean.