Accounting & Taxation

AAT’s Accounting and TAX Consultant offers a wide spectrum of accounting services that answers to the financial needs of any business in the global market and are committed to keep the highest level of professional standards and quality.

Financial Accounting

Financial Accounting is critical for any organization. We can help you managing all your accounting needs with complete solution for book keeping.

VAT returns

We can help you compiling your VAT returns in a hassle free way

IFRS consulting

IFRS has added significant complexities for business and non-compliance can lead to misleading results. We help you with your journey to continuous compliance with IFRS.

Accounts Outsourcing Service

In the last fifteen years, we have witnessed a vast expansion of businesses in the UAE. Moreover, the legal requirement to maintain proper books of account is also becoming more important in the region. As per the UAE Commercial Company Law 2015 it is mandatory to maintain proper books of account for at least five years. In the upcoming UAE VAT law also books of account are to be maintained for 5 years.

To keep pace along with the growing economy of the country, to comply with the legal requirements and to compete with the businesses, it is sometimes difficult to manage the accounting activities of their businesses within the company especially for SMEs. Hence, accounting outsourcing services could be the best option for them to choose.

Benefits of Accounting Outsourcing Services:

  • Outsourcing of non-core activities can improve efficiency, streamlining and productivity of the company because another independent accounting firm can perform those tasks efficiently with expertise better than the company itself.
  • Businesses can reduce costs significantly by outsourcing accounting services.
  • Companies can simultaneously have access to the latest technology without investing large amounts of money to own the technology/software.
  • Business can concentrate more on their core activities and not lay stress on Accounting Systems for smooth functioning and development of the business.
  • There is no additional requirement and expense to hire accountants when accounting is outsourced to the right professionals in the field.
  • Confidentiality can also be maintained once the accounting service is outsourced.
  • At a lower cost to provide professional services.
  • The difficulty of training the new accountants and the transition process from the existing accountant to a new accountant during replacement can be eliminated.

Accounting Outsourcing Services Includes:

  • Regular Accounting Service
  • Regular Account Supervision Service
  • Updating of Backlog Accounts.
  • Accounts Reconciliation Service.